Permanent residence permit (TU4)

Permanent residence permit (TU4)

If you would like to apply for a permanent residence permit you need to have had a temporary residence permit in Denmark for 8 years or more (4 years in certain situations).

Fee to The Danish Immigration Service DKK 7.474 

Follow these steps:

1. Gather documentation:

  • Copy of all pages of your passport – including all empty pages and the passport’s front and back cover.
  • Copy of Documentation of Danish-language abilities diploma (FVU, DU2, or DU3)
  • Documentation of employment, such as tax returns or an employment contract.
  • Documentation of your income, such as pay slips or tax returns (for the last 2 years)
  • Documentation of active citizenship, such as an exam certificate or a statement from a board or an association.
  • A copy of the signed power of attorney.

Download here:

2. Complete the TU4 form. Must be filled in English

If your current visa expires less than 1 year from now you have to also fill in one of the following forms:

  • AR7 application forms (if you have an employment visa) 
  • MF2/MF4 (if you have an accompanying family member visa)

Please fill in only the information that you know. If there is some information that you don't know, please indicate "-"

Please note: Work Advice is not responsible for the authenticity of the applicant's documents.

By filling out the form, you agree to the personal data processing policy and accept the terms of the user agreement.

All scanned copies can be both color and black-and-white. Each document must be in a separate PDF file. One document to be in one pdf file (for example: copy of passport to be in one pdf file, copy of power of attorney to be in the second pdf file, and so on)

Using this link you can reformat jpg photos into text format of PDF.

You can also compress documents if you scanned it in a large extension Using this link

Indicated on your plastic residence permit
Fill in the: Streetname, house number, postalcode, city
Spouses first name Spouses last name Spouses date of birth
First name Last name Date of birth
Employment history in Denmark (the last 3 work places)
(from _ to_)
Information about the current job
Dansk English Ukranian