Family reunification (FA1) (Spouse)

FA1 - Apply for family reunification as a spouse

Immigration office fee is DKK 8.575

Follow these steps:

1. Gather documentation:

  • Copy of all pages of your passport – including all empty pages and the passport’s front and back cover
  • Copy of your marriage certificate with an authorised translation to Danish or English (if you are married)
  • Documentation that you and your partner have lived together (if you aren’t married)
  • Documentation for your language skills, work and education (relevant depending on which conditions of the integration requirement you meet)
  • Documentation that you have passed a test in Danish (if you have already taken one)
  • Documentation for income (if applicable)
  • Documentation for the active citizen exam or active citizenship
  • Signed power of attorney 

Download here:

2. Fill out the FA1 application form below. Must be filled in English.

Please fill in only the information that you are familiar with. If there is some information that you don't know, please indicate "-"

Please note: Work Advice is not responsible for the authenticity of the applicant's documents.

By filling out the form, you agree to the personal data processing policy and accept the terms of the user agreement.

All scanned copies can be both color and black-and-white. Each document must be in a separate PDF file. One document to be in one pdf file (for example: copy of passport to be in one pdf file, copy of power of attorney to be in the second pdf file, and so on)

Using this link you can reformat jpg photos into text format of PDF.

You can also compress documents if you scanned it in a large extension Using this link

The applicant
Name and CPR number of your spouse or cohabitating partner in Denmark
Address (Street, number, postcode, city) Period (from date – to date)
Information about your education, work and language skills
If yes, inform which education:
If yes, inform which:
-Native language -Second language -Other languages
If yes, inform the following about your current job(s): -Position -Employer and contact information -Date of employment -Weekly working hours
If yes, inform the following about your company: -The company’s name and CVR number, if applicable -Address -Telephone number -Your working hours per week -The company’s start date/acquisition date -Number of employees -Describe your work effort in the company, the type of company, the company’s size, turnover, opening hours etc.
If yes, inform the following about your previous job within the last 5 years: -Position -Employer and contact information -Period of employment (start date – end date)
If yes, inform the following: The name of the organisation Your position Period (start date – end date)
Stays in Denmark and other countries
If yes, when were you in Denmark (from date – to date):
If yes, where (countries) and when? Did you have a residence permit in this country? Yes/No
Danish language knowledge
Dansk English Ukranian