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Working in Denmark

Working contracts in Denmark

Our company provides not only the possibility of agricultural internship in Denmark, but also Work Contracts for Dairy Farms, Pig Farms and Mink Farms in Denmark.

The Kingdom of Denmark strictly limits the issuance of work permits (work visas). In this article, we want to answer most of the questions asked by people who are looking for work in Denmark. But first, let us tell you what conditions you need to meet so that our company can help you with employment. We provide Work Contracts to stock farmers (fodermester), as well as agricultural managers (driftsleder), in accordance with Danish labour law. For these specialities, Denmark issues a work permit, as well as a temporary residence permit.

* Please note that Mink Farms (minkpasser) and agricultural workers (landbrugsmedhjlper), as well as the manager in gardening (Work Contract for growing houses) and forestry are not covered by this scheme.


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    You must have professional qualifications to perform the work to be proposed. Therefore, you must have the appropriate educational program. In addition, your salary and working conditions must meet Danish standards (our company provides contracts with the appropriate salary and necessary labour standards)

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    If you have a long break (more than a year) between internship and a work contract, you need to prove that you have not lost your qualifications (provide recommendations from current jobs in other countries or at home) to avoid visa refusal. Documents must be translated into English, signed and stamped by your Employer, which, in case of verification, can confirm that you have really worked there.

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    Graduate Diploma related to animal agriculture (if any)

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    Good knowledge of English.
    Danish language is a big advantage.

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