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Internship in Denmark

Internship in Denmark – is a valuable practice in the agricultural sector in one of the most developed countries in Europe.

Paid internship on farms in Denmark is your chance to visit a European country with a high standard of living and gain invaluable experience.

Work for students in Denmark is an opportunity for young people to start their career growth, gain practical skills at the modernized enterprises, master modern European technologies of the agricultural sector

The internship will give you the opportunity to learn Denmark, its population and lifestyle, culture and traditions, gain experience and ideas that you will surely need in the future.

The future intern must choose in what type of farms he would like to have internship. Most farms are diversified where the cultivation of grain and industrial crops is combined with one of the field of animal agriculture. In animal agriculture, the work of interns is related to the care of animals (cows, pigs, minks, horses, etc.). Sometimes a part of work to be performed on the fields using machines. All contracts validity is for 18 months.

What program gives you

Interns receive working practice, the terms of which are governed by Danish law:

37-hour working week

The working week in Denmark is 37 hours. This is a distinctive feature of Denmark from other European countries. Legislation provides for stable working hours. Works on weekends and holidays to be paid separately. Salary is most often paid once a month, in its last days. All interns are entitled to rest days - most often every second week.

5 weeks paid vacation
Intern's basic salary
  • First 6 months is 11.838,77 DKK (1580Є) per month (before taxes),
  • 7-18 months of work - 13.732,26 DKK (1830Є) per month (before taxes),
  • 7-18 months of work, if the intern is over 25 years old - 15.898,32 (2120Є) DKK per month (before taxes).
All prices are for 2023

Housing price
depends on each individual case during internship. The price is set by the Employer from 1000 DKK to 2500 DKK per month.

Accommodation, provided to the intern always includes a separate room with all convenience. Often this room is located in a separate house or in another room. In most cases, there is Internet, conditions for using a washing machine are always created. Living separately, the interns have their own little kitchen where they can cook their own food.

Those who wish to have internship in Denmark can earn good money living in comfortable conditions. When arriving in the country, interns to be provided with medical insurance, which gives the right to free medical treatment. The document comes into force only after receipt of the Danish Personal Code (CPR).

Possible directions of internship

Denmark is commonly called as “dairy farm” of Europe. Agriculture in the country is very developed. Students can have internship on pig, dairy, mink farms or on growing houses.

Denmark farms products are exported to almost all countries of the European community, providing a steady income to livestock farms. The owners are in constant search of workers who will care for animals and keep the cleanliness of the cages having quite decent (by European standards) salary.

Work on the farms of Denmark is quite heavy and traumatic, so it will be difficult for people who are not physically prepared to get used to constant loads.

Dairy FarmsPig FarmsGrowing Houses
Daily animal care Feeding cows and young calves Milking operation Health monitoring Birth attendance Vaccination (after obtaining the necessary certification) Daily animal care Care for small piglets Feed adjustment Castration Vaccination (after obtaining the necessary certification) Insemination Examination Curation Butchering *depends on which department of the pig farm you will work Handling of plantsBeddingWettingSortingPackagingTransportation

Additional expenses:

Fee for a Danish visa: 4175 danish krone (557 euros). The cost of visa is included into the price of our recruitment services.

When applying from your country of residence, the visa fee is 1600 danish krone (around 215 eur). This is NOT included into the price of our services. Travel expenses as well are NOT included and paid by the student.

All prices are specified for 2022.


  1. 1 Age to be from 18 to 29 years of old
  2. 2 Certificate of not less than A2 (pre-intermediate) of KET, TOEFL, IELTS to be available
  3. 3 To be a current student of an agricultural institution and provide following documentation:
    • Official document issued by your educational institution proving that you are a current student of that educational institution, description of program of study, student record book.
    • Scanned copy of the original student record book and its notary certified translation into English

To get a job as an intern on a farm, you must be a current student of agricultural educational institution. Only by submitting a document confirming this fact, you can go to practice. Candidates for working on the farms to be selected according to the age qualifications. It varies from 18 to 29 years of old. Internship can be undertaken only once.

What are the requirements of employers?

  1. 1 Excellent health indicators due to work complexity.
  2. 2 No deportation stamps in the foreign passport of the applicant
  3. 3 No language barrier
  4. 4 Having a driving license and driving experience is an advantage

A document stating that you have experience in the agricultural sector is not mandatory.

Internship on farms and growing houses lasts 12 months. Every six months interns will have a salary increase.

Required documents:

All documents must be in English.
  1. 1 Completed application form on our website
  2. 2 Letters of recommendation from former Employers (if any and relevant to work on the farm)
  3. 3 Photos from previous jobs or internships (if any).
  4. 4 Copy of your foreign passport (photo page)
  5. 5 Educational prove documents
  6. 6 Certificate in English (one of KET / IELTS / TOFEL)
  7. 7 Scanned copy of the original student record book and its notarized translation into English

Useful information about the KET exam

To go to internship in Denmark, you need to have a certificate in English (one of KET / IELTS / TOFEL) with a level not lower than Pre-Intermediate (A2 by international scale). It is easier and cheaper to pass KET (Key English Test)

A few links that will be very helpful in preparing for the KET exam.
  1. 1 You can download a list of words you need to know to successfully pass the test on this link
  2. 2 You can also take 2 main parts of the KET test online here (Reading and Writing, Listening), it’s free of charge.

    The test can be passed only in the Firefox browser, you can download it here

  3. 3 Also you can download the answers to the test in PDF format here

Regarding Denmark, we can confidently say that it is an unusually beautiful and interesting country, which has magnificent landscapes and a fairly high living standard of the population. It is not surprising that for agricultural students, having internship on farms in Denmark is a chance to visit this country, adopt the best practices from the older generation of farms and improve their well-being, earning a good amount during the internship.

An Internship on a farm in Denmark is the first step you can take towards achieving your life goals.