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PR1 V2

PR1 V2 SIRI fee 4175 DKK (for 2022)

Important! This form is for those who move from one student place to another.

PR1 - form to obtain internship visa. Filled with interns who want to come to agricultural practice in Denmark.
Checklist for PR1 form

Important! You can work while waiting for the extension of the visa.

  1. 1 Fill out the PR1 V2 form below for further processing in the Immigration Office
  2. 2 Send the scanned copy of all sheets of your foreign passport. Send scanned copy of all sheets (even empty sheets), including the cover of foreign passport to the e-mail
  3. 3 Send the scanned copy of the original certificate confirming that you are a student and translation of it signed and stamped by notary. It is also necessary to send a copy of original student's record-book, and it's translation.
  4. 4 Certificate proving your English level (KET/IELTS/TOEFL), to the email

All scanned copies can be both color and black-and-white. Each document must be in a separate pdf file. One document to be in one pdf file (for example: copy of passport to be in one pdf file, copy of power of attorney to be in the second pdf file, and so on.)

Using this link you can reformat jpg photos into text format of pdf

You can also compress documents if you scanned it in a large extension Using this link

After receiving all the documents before filing - check the correctness of the specified information!

Fill in only information you know, if you don't know just leave "-"

Data to fill out for student PR1 visa

(in Latin letters as in a foreign passport)
(in Latin letters as in a foreign passport)
(in Latin letters as in a foreign passport)
(if any)
(if any)
person id
Full address in your home country (with post code)
(if already in Denmark)
Full address in Denmark with post code
(speciality in English)
(if not completed, approximate graduation date)

Work experience in Denmark


Full address with post code
Important! You are responsible for the authenticity of the documents you provide. Workadvice is not responsible for the authenticity of the documents provided by the customer.

In order for our specialists to start working, the form must be paid online, you can pay yourself, or it can be paid by your employer

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