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Can I work if I have a Polish visa?
Can I get a work visa for working on greenhouse farms
Can I change the type of farm
Depends on each individual situation, on your experience and education, in most cases - no
When can I apply for a work visa?
Having at least 8 months of internship experience
Duration of stay

As a rule, you will receive a residence permit and a work permit for one year, but no more than for the period of your employment contract. If you worked with the same employer and were in the same position for at least two years in a row, you may be given an extension of two years and then a three-year period.

Please note that the prerequisite is that your passport is valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the period for which you are requesting permission.

If you find a new job

If you find a new job, you can start a new job before you get a new permit, provided that you apply for a new residence and work permit no later than the day you start a new job. This applies only to work contracts (not trainees).

If you are an EU citizen
If you are an EU citizen, you do not need a work permit. You just need to find a job.
Family members

If you have received a residence permit and permission to work as a cattle farmer or farm manager, you can bring certain family members (husband / wife, children) to family reunification.

Read more about passport requirements for your application.

If you are applying from the country of origin or from another country where you have lived legally for the past three months, you may be granted a residence permit valid for one month prior to the date your work begins. This will allow you to bring and settle in Denmark. This condition is that you declare that you can support yourself and any accompanying family members for a month before starting work at a new job. If you do not state this, your residence permit will be valid for 14 days prior to the date your work begins. If you submit your application to Denmark, your residence permit will be valid from the date you started your work.

You can apply for renewal of your permit if you are still at the same job. If your permit has expired and you have applied for an extension, and you are still doing the same job under the same conditions as when you received your original permit, you can stay in Denmark and continue working during the entire review process of new visa.

Pay Limit Scheme

Also, if you find a job where the employer offers you a salary of 465.000 DKK per year (2023 level), then you will get a work visa for 4 years at a time. This type of visa is called pay limit scheme. You can read more about this on the website of the Ministry of International Employment and Integration