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Workadvice – is international company for the employment and organization of agricultural internships in Denmark - one of the richest and most developed countries in Europe.

Do you want to improve your financial situation and earn a serious start-up budget (more than € 10,000 for the period of internship)? Do you want to live in a beautiful, highly developed and environmentally friendly country? Do you want to make money for a new home, apartment or car, as well as gain invaluable experience in farming in Denmark? - You have a chance to do this with Workadvice.

Workadvice is responsible for the whole procedure of paperwork and accompanying you in Denmark.

We offer you to start building your career and future with us step by step. For the beginning it is necessary to do the following:
the internship conditions
for internship search
In turn, we will provide you with a full range of services:
  • internship with a salary that is protected by the laws of Denmark;
  • comprehensive solution and guaranteed professional support, starting from the processing of visa documents to obtaining a certificate of successful completion of the internship or continuing your work in Denmark;
  • and above all - invaluable experience that will allow you to continue your career anywhere in the world in the future.
So what do you need,
to take the first step towards your future? First of all -
Your desire!
As well as:
  • age - 18-29 years of old;
  • be a student of an agricultural university;
  • knowledge of English at level A2 and above, confirmed by the certificate of KET / IELTS / TOEFL;

Our employees:

Aleksandra Ignatiuk

Aleksandra Ignatiuk

+45 52-80-86-21
Natali K. Brodersen

Natali K. Brodersen

+45 60-12-89-28

Work experience of many years in the field of employment, reliable and time-proven employers, expertise and knowledge of the law, continuous improvement of our services allow us to confidently guarantee successful results achievement in your employment and give you the opportunity to start a completely new life in a beautiful country.

Work Advice offers a job in Denmark for students who wish to have an internship in this beautiful country. Employees of the company will give you the opportunity to gain rich experience on agricultural farms engaged in pig farming and dairy products.

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So - go ahead to achieving your dream with Workadvice!